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Fish Pond and Water Tank Cleaner Brisbane

At Tank/Pond Cleaner Brisbane we provide a number of services to provide customers solutions to various water-related problems. Having started as fish tank enthusiast, we’ve moved towards cleaning ponds and water tanks. Having the best equipment to do water cleaning and vacuuming allows us to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Water Tank Cleaning

Maintaining your water tanks and keeping them clean is important to your health. Rainwater tanks can be used in many different ways, however, when the water gets colouration or bacteria in it, this can cause health risks. Make sure to get your water tank checked if you see a sign of any problems with your water.

Fishpond Cleaning

We believe that maintained fish ponds can reward you with many years of tranquil relaxation and beauty. They are a focal point of homes everywhere and bring a much-needed touch of nature to an office environment. Our dedicated team is here to take the hassle out of owning a fishpond, by providing custom cleaning and maintenance solutions. We have years of experience in this industry and have extensive knowledge to ensure your fish are kept in optimal condition, and your pond looks pristine.

We understand the needs of the fish, other marine creatures and plants living in these varied marine environments. We will check pH and water chemicals are at the optimal levels, and make sure your fish are healthy and happy. We can advise on appropriate fish tank setup and give you tips on how to keep your fishpond at its best. We take care of removing waste, changing water, and cleaning your fish tank, leaving it sparkling.

Fish Pond Maintenance

As well as water tanks, we are also equipped to service your garden pond. Garden ponds can add a beautiful touch to your outdoor area, but they do need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. We will take care of essential tasks such as water changing, checking for harmful algae and bacteria, maintaining plant life and removing weeds. Regardless of whether you have a small fish tank at home, or have a large and complex aquarium in a corporate environment, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. We can tailor a maintenance program to suit your tank or pond, working to your schedule and budget. Our trusted fish tank and pond cleaning experts are on hand to provide second-to-none aquatic cleaning services, so you can enjoy a flourishing aquarium.


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What Our Clients Say

Thank you for looking after our garden pond. Job is done quickly and seamlessly. The setup looks nicer and water is crystal clear. Will definitely be using your services regularly.


Our fish tank went green and we could not quite get it clean without help. Fishtank Cleaners Brisbane was able to do a great job for us by using their environmentally friendly materials. They also told us how to maintain PH balance in our aquarium. Thank you!


Garden pond cleaning is certainly a challenging task. We’ve tried doing it ourselves, but without the right tools could not quite get it right. These guys were very systematic in terms of cleaning our pond without affecting the fish. The job was done much quicker than we anticipated and the price was very reasonable.