A well-maintained garden pond can be a beautiful addition to any garden. There’s nothing better than sitting outside, listening to the trickle of water, and watching your fish swim lazily around. To make sure you can enjoy your pond into the future, it’s important it is maintained regularly. So here are our top tips for keeping your garden pond looking its best:

Keep it balanced

Our number-one tip is to remember that a garden pond is a living ecosystem. You need to have the right balance of fish and plants with the right water pH and levels of bacteria. Regular checks of the water will make sure you’re on the right track.

Prevent overgrowth

Make sure your plants don’t take over the pond. If too many plants cover the surface of the water, your fish can have trouble reaching the top of the pond. It’s best to get on top of this issue in winter, when you can weed out excess plants while they are in their dormant phase.

Remove waste

About once a year, you will need to remove the waste that has collected in your pond. Overhanging leaves, fish waste and uneaten fish food can collect at the bottom of the pond and cause excess bacteria and algae growth. You can use this sludge to feed your garden as it contains lots of nutrients which plants love.

If you’d rather just enjoy the tranquility of having a garden pond, without worrying about cleaning it out, give the team at Fish Tank Cleaner Brisbane a call. They’ll take care of the necessary maintenance that will keep your pond looking its best all year round.