Pond cleaning and maintenance

Garden ponds make a beautiful addition to any garden – but like any other outdoor feature, they need regular maintenance and cleaning to stay looking their best. And most of us would agree that there are better ways to spend a weekend than filtering dirty pond water and removing algae!

We can tailor our range of pond cleaning services to make maintaining your pond simple and effective. Our professional and expert staff have years of knowledge and experience, and are able to clean your pond quickly and thoroughly.

Key services

Whether you have a small decorative pond with a few goldfish, or a large koi pond with running water, we can cater to your needs. Some of our key services include:

  • Initial assessment of pond condition: this may involve testing the water quality, checking plant and fish health, and checking pump and other equipment function,
  • Plant servicing: we will prune or remove excess plants if required, or advise you on additional plants if more are needed to restore aquatic balance,
  • Water removal: the fish will first be safely removed and kept in large buckets until ready to return to the pond. The rest of the pond water will then be removed,
  • Pond cleaning: we will remove the build-up of sludge from the bottom of the pond. We’ll scrub out the pond and check for damage to the pond lining before replacing the water, fish and plants.

If the thought of removing buckets of water and scrubbing sludge out of your pond doesn’t sound appealing, let us step in and take care of it. As well as cleaning your pond, we will advise you on a recommended maintenance schedule. We can organise to visit your home at a time that’s convenient to you.

Maintenance pays off

You’ll soon see the benefits of regular pond maintenance – with well-times visits from our friendly staff, your garden pond will never need a costly and time-consuming ‘overhaul’ again. Your fish will enjoy years of health, and you’ll be able to enjoy your healthy pond, providing an attractive environment for native frogs, birds and other species.